About us

Keen on assisting thousands of individuals in the UK avail a loan without having to worry about the state of their credit score, TDOC Loans came into being over a decade ago. Initially, our aim was simply assist thousands get approved for a logbook loan but with time this changed. We realised that many individuals applying for logbook loans did so out of desperation to get approved and by so doing rarely took time to evaluate whether the terms of the loan suited them or not. In that regard, we shifted focus and invested heavily on sensitising our customers on the benefits as well as risks of going for logbook loans.

At TDOC Loans, we are not all about according our customers affordable V5 loans but also keen on advising them how to be on top of their finances. We do realise that if utilised properly, logbook loans have a positive impact on a person’s credit rating and if badly utilised, it could make a person get into a debt rut. In view of this, our customer personnel are always at hand to ensure that our customers are well informed and that the decisions they ultimately make positively impact their lives.

We are not your ordinary kind of UK logbook loan provider as we sincerely take interest in the welfare of our customers. Our success over the years has been a direct result of investing in our customers, being honest with our rates, guiding them to make prudent financial decisions just to mention but a few. Try us today and we can promise you that this will be the best decision you make in your life in so far as improving your credit rating is concerned.